Custom Boxcards

I make a lot of personalised boxcards for lots of different occasions, although mostly birthdays. Last Christmas a did a big custom order for the cast of the local panto. Here’s a small selection of my custom boxcards, some are orders and some I’ve made to give to friends and family. I now have family in four different countries so there’s a lot of different languages involved when I make cards.

If you want to order a card, contact me on facebook or via email on
custom boxcards

Panto Boxcards!

I was commissioned to do a large order of custom boxcards for the cast of Aladdin, this years panto at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock. I had fun designing, cutting and assembling all the little Widow Twankeys to go in the cards along with some very shiny golden lamps. As usual, I designed everything in Silhouette Studio and cut it on my Cameo, although I did draw all the faces by hand. The tiny socks hanging from the tiny washing lines are all made of little scraps I had left over, so none of the cards have two socks the same.


I discovered this concept a while ago on Pinterest and in the Silhouette Online Store but I wanted to make my own version of what is commonly known as a boxcard. I created three different basic shapes for the base card and then spent quite some time designing decorations in different themes to put on the cards. The first batch I made was for my mum as she liked the prototypes I showed her, as well as a birthday card for my friend Laura. (these having Danish sentiments on them as I’m Danish and so are my mum and Laura). As you can see I hadn’t come up with very many different designs yet.

boxcards_web2My next batch consisted of 55 cards with various themes for my craft fairs in the autumn. I’ve done quite a lot more different designs and even a few Christmas ones. I plan to make more of those later in the year. Everything is designed in Silhouette Studio and cut on my Silhouette Cameo. I always use Cosmic Shimmer glue to assemble.

55boxcards_web2The great thing about these boxcards is that they fold completely flat to fit in a standard C6 envelope!




Eternity Calendar

As long as I can remember, my parents have had an eternity calendar – or as my mum simply calls it, a ‘birthday calendar’. It has the months and days of the year but no day names so it’s not specific to any one year, meaning you don’t have to discard it and buy a new one every year and then spend ages writing all the birthdays all over again. I’ve done what my mum does and written the names along with the year of birth in brackets (if I know it) so I can figure out what age they are each year.

I made the base calendar out of plain white card and used the metal bits from last year’s his and hers calendar to put it together. I cut the holes with my Silhouette Cameo. The decorations on each month are a mixture of my own designs, designs I bought on the Silhouette or found on various blogs. I’ve sadly misplaced most of the files since so I can’t tell you where I got them but I do remember that the nativity scene was by Lori Whitlock (there’s several similar ones on the Silhouette Store and I plan on doing my own from scratch as well when I get a bit more practice).

The calendar is now in our hallway and is already helping me to remember all the birthdays!

birthday calendar2_web3

Silhouette Cameo

At the beginning of March I invested in a Silhouette Cameo cutter. After weeks and weeks of contemplating I finally placed the order and I was beyond excited when it arrived! For those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to this marvellous machine, it’s a fancy little thing that looks a bit like a printer but has a little blade instead of an ink cartridge. It cuts paper, card, vinyl and even fabric! (although I haven’t ventured into the fabric thing yet). It’s basically my new favourite toy piece of equipment. After I unpacked and installed my new wonder, the first thing I did was to open the accompanying software and personalise my machine with the free bonus file that came with it, so I could have a nice colourful control panel instead of the default white one. I then proceeded to test some cuts (all of which have since perished in my overly eager attempts to try everything at once) and then made a (very small) batch of (very simple) business cards for a friend. I managed to completely forget to take a photo of them even though they were lying around on my desk for weeks before I posted them to him. I tried my first vinyl cut – a number for the front door. We share a hallway with another flat and since they had a number on their door we never bothered getting one on ours till then.

I then spent quite a while trying to cut a little butterfly decal for the back of my phone – partly because I wanted something on it and partly because I wanted to test how long it would last. It took quite a few goes to convert one of my old drawings to a design that was simple enough to cut that small without getting ruined but eventually I managed. It’s still very much on there and is going strong but it’s partly covered in various colours of ink because I accidentally put it down on another project I was working on. (excuse the rather random mix of quality of photos, I used whatever I had at hand – compact, DSLR, phone)

first cameo projectsI’ve also made a few cards with a little help from my Cameo. Some include free designs included with the software, one has a design from the Silhouette online store, one with a background from Birds Cards, all modified a bit and one I did completely from scratch. They’re all pretty simple but I might try some more elaborate designs as I learn how to use my Cameo more and more.

silhouette car designsI’ve also cut quite a few of the designs from the Silhouette Store (you get free credit with your machine and when everything was half price for a while I took the opportunity to play around with some things) but there’s something more fun about doing your own things. I did a couple of pieces of artwork for a friend who wanted something simple with letters:

artwork They are both made by cutting out letters on my Cameo and then sticking matching colours behind the spaces.

My favourite project so far has to be my solar lamps though. I explained the project in a previous post but I just wanted to add a couple more photos of my work in progress and another shot of the final lamps.

lampsWIP lamps2 I’ve also used my Cameo in another project for Ayr Townscape Heritage Initiative but I can’t show the finished work till it’s been on display down in Ayr a bit later in the year. Also working on a little craft project for a birthday present which involves both vinyl and card cut with the Cameo so I’ll be sharing that after the birthday in question. Loving this new gadget!