Panto Boxcards!

I was commissioned to do a large order of custom boxcards for the cast of Aladdin, this years panto at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock. I had fun designing, cutting and assembling all the little Widow Twankeys to go in the cards along with some very shiny golden lamps. As usual, I designed everything in Silhouette Studio and cut it on my Cameo, although I did draw all the faces by hand. The tiny socks hanging from the tiny washing lines are all made of little scraps I had left over, so none of the cards have two socks the same.

Self Portrait

I’m running out of business cards and wanted something new but not too different from my old design (which incorporated a corner of one of my muse drawings¬†that had a bird sitting on Matt’s glasses), so I did a self portrait of me with a paper crane sitting on my glasses since I now do a lot more papercrafts than I did just a year ago. I used Photoshop’s freeform pentool to draw this which is going on my next batch of business cards.


I’ve been fascinated by the Zentangle method for a while now. It’s a way of doodling patterns which is really quite relaxing and a good way to just sit and doodle. We were on holiday recently and I brought my new Micron pens and some square pieces of card on the plane along with a zentangle book for inspiration. I really love this way of drawing patterns!

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